Web Design Brailsford

Web Design Brailsford

Looking to have a new website, or modify/updating your existing website ? great news, you are in the right place. We can do all of this and not charge you silly money, all our services are affordable and make replacing or building a new website possible for nearly everyone looking to have it done.

We specialise in working with these platforms Wordpress, Opencart, Magento, all these platforms allow for a CMS for you to manage, add contents ect. we all work on Shopify, ebay shops creating templates and listings.

All website we build Work on ipads, mobiles and other tablets as well as PCs, We will build you a website for you to sell all your products if you need a website built to sell online, you can see some sample sites here:SnobsgiftsLowcostbeauty more in our portfolio

Should you require a website for an information or service site we can build this to allow you to manage and edit all your content, you can see some sample build here:CamberlyGardeners |Photo-Shack more in our portfolio.

You will be able to fully manage the site through the admin, this includes adding your own products, descriptions and images including any options available for the products you add, set your own product pricing as well as weight for the built in shipping calculator to work out shipping cost at cart.


Questions & Answers

I have a website now, on another server, will l loose my domain name or can I move it?
You can either leave your domain name where it is pointing to and i can build the website on that server ( you will have to give me the details to gain access) or i can move to my server, of which the rental is £47 per year, paid annually. I will take care of all the technical stuff.

How can I accept payment from my website?
I will set up a structure for payment to be paid to your PayPal account, your customers can use credit or debit card or simply login to their PayPal to pay, all you need is PayPal account, other payment options include, invoice or bank transfer.

I would like to have Header/Logo?
I can design and create a header or logo at no extra charge, all you have to do is request it, and we can talk about the kind of designs you want.

What if I ever want to move my website?
If you have your website on my server, I can simply compress and send you the whole website on Disc for you to upload on any other server, a charge of £25 covers my time to do this.

If your website is on another server, I can compress and place on disc for a fee of £50.

How many pages and Products can I have?
You have unlimited pages and content, there is no limit, simply create additional pages, categories and products as and when you need to.

Do I Need To Pay Anything Else?
If you want to have your website stored and managed on our server, there is a charge of £47 per year, paid annually. With a 99% uptime, and super fast, I recommend using my server for your website, but is not compulsory, I can build your site on any server providing it has database facility and accepts php.

How long does it take to build the website?
This depends on what is required, as a general guidance its best to allow 3 weeks, most sites are completed in 1 week.

Do I get emails?
If your site is built on our server, which is £47 per year for hosting, there are no email limits, you can have as many as you require, complete with a web email client to read your emails as well as setting to pull them through your current client, like gmail and outlook.

Can I place banners?
Yes, you can have banners and slide shows, and place them on any page, top, left, right or bottom, this is controlled in the admin.

I have ebay listings, can i import into my website?
Yes, for a small fee of £50 we can incorporate a module for you to lift your ebay listings into your website automatically. If you would also like your sales to come through your website, this can be done for £150 and a monthly fee of £10.

Can I have facebook & Twitter?
Yes, we can build facebook and twitter feeds into your site, see some of our sample sites. also available is face book integration (additional cost applies)

I Have hundreds of products is there a faster way to populate?
Yes, you can use a spreadsheet to upload and populate your website.

Do you show us how to use the admin to control my site?
Yes, all customers have access to a full instruction manual in pdf. and video tutorials showing you how to add products, images, categories, options and more..

Do I Own the website outright?
Yes, once completed you are the sole owner of the site and all its content.

Is the website Google friendly?
Yes, all your pages meet with goggles recommended criteria to be indexed, and this being the case your site will automatically appear in Google, msn and yahoo as well as other search engines..


  • Allows customers to shop your store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Your customers can use the online design on ipads and other tablets as well as Laptop & PC
  • Easily keep your products/catalog updated - no HTML coding required to add, delete, or modify products.
  • Works on the popular combination of PHP and MySQL technologies.
  • Secure - no one but your administrative personnel can access your customer/catalog data.
  • Easy to install - our helpful installation program guides you easily through the setup process.
  • User frontend is validated to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • Advanced template system using stylesheets and images.
  • Any PHP coding changes can be protected during upgrades by using the built-in override protection system.
  • Switching from one installed template to another is as simple as a couple of clicks in the Admin.
  • Merchandise Pricing options - single and multiple items can be put on sale.
  • Sale options include percentage-off, fixed amount off, new price, etc.
  • Sales can include or exclude product attributes. You can add or exclude a discount from a special.
  • You can put a whole category or the entire store on sale.
  • Products can be marked as free or Call for Price.
  • Products can be marked as Featured for specific highlighting/attention.
  • Products can be linked and/or copied to multiple categories.
  • Minimum or maximum quantities and units - you can sell one per customer, or require at least four and in multiples of two.
  • You can set requirements on a per-product basis.
  • Quantity discounts can be configured per-product for varying pricing levels or quantity levels.
  • Product attributes can be added, either as radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down lists, text boxes, file uploads, file downloads, and more.
  • Attribute options can upcharge the price of an item, and an item can have its price completely controlled by attributes.
  • Attributes can be configured as read only so as to provide a features list.
  • One-time fees can be added to products via attributes.
  • Attributes also support text pricing, such as price-per-word or price-per-letter for personalizing.
  • Attributes can show image/color swatches.
  • Store layout can be controlled in great detail simply by switching settings in the Admin area.
  • Choose your side column and box widths, bread crumb separator, which sideboxes you want to appear where on the page, enable/disable links in various places.
  • Entire categories of products (or individual products) can be enabled/disabled with just a few clicks.
  • Sort order of products is easily controlled in the Admin area.
  • Integrate with phpBB so that your support forum login passwords match your shop.
  • If you need to take your site offline for a period of maintenance, you can do it easily by posting advance notices, as well as a friendly Down For Maintenance page that's also search engine friendly.
  • Webmaster and web designer can specify IP addresses to override maintenance and still access the site for testing.
  • You can send administrative emails on most customer shopping activities to various administrators as desired.
  • Email addresses are protected from abuse, as they are not displayed on-screen.
  • The Contact Us page can be configured to support multiple destinations, such as sales, technical support, webmaster, and so on.
  • Nearly every piece of information about your products can be controlled in the Admin area, giving you the ability to fine-tune how your products and services appear to your customers.
  • Features and options can be enabled/disabled quickly and easily.
  • Multiple items can be added to the shopping cart by simply entering quantities and clicking Add.
  • The product type feature allows you to customize information fields and display format for different products differently.
  • Products for sale vs. documents for viewing, vs. music downloads, and the list goes on.
  • You can add multiple images to your products, in small/medium/large format. Popups are available if desired for viewing of larger images.
  • A verification for agreement to the Terms of Service has been added for compliance with new laws regarding privacy and disclosure.
  • CVV2 card verification number support is available for compliance with most merchant agreements. This feature is enabled/disabled in the Admin.
  • Shipping options - multiple carriers are supported, including hold for pickup, free delivery in an area, and most major couriers and postal services.
  • Customer access control - you can set up your shop to only allow customers access to pricing or pricing but not buying until after being authorized by an administrator.
  • You can restrict them from browsing at all too, if desired.
  • Showcase - you can set your store up to be simply a product showcase, without pricing at all.
  • Search options allow you to search for products based on name, description, metatags, price, and more.
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